22 Jul 2009

Cops try to break Vestas occupation

'Just to keep people updated at 5.30 am (approx) this morning a climate
camp comrade was illegally detained by the police under Breach of the
peace for attempting to deliver food to workers in occupation. The
situation is make or break. Without food the occupation is in jeopardy.
The police are illegally starving out the workers. Please notify as many
contacts you may have with the media asap.'

Just had this, please get down to the Isle of Wight and support the occupation.

Usual story those fighting climate change get attacked.

Sellout politicians pretend to fight climate change and get big fat salaries.

Carbon trading makes the bankers rich but does nothing to reduce emissions.

Those doing the real work like the indigenous at Bagua or the Vestas employees are attacked,

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