12 Jul 2009

Message from Hugo Blanco 'The events at Bagua have changed my life'

Thank you very much Derek

The events at Bagua have changed my life. Now my work is to address this issue. I went to Lima, the city near Bagua, Bagua and also went to the scene of the slaughter. I am in Cusco, where I live for a few days, then go to Lima to the Amazon coordination with the organization and human rights organizations, will return to Chiclayo in the north, probably go to the city and Bagua Chachapoyas where there are some prisoners.

There are many tasks: See that the injured are cared for, find out how many are missing, visit prisoners, to campaign for their freedom, to support Daysi Zapata who is president of the Amazon organisation after the previous leader Pizango took asylum in Nicaragua.

Again thank you for your submission and I know that you do everything you can to support us.

Un fuerte abrazo

This was in response to news of the House of Commons meeting...new Lucha Indigena out so I will translate some bits and put them up.

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