16 Jul 2009

New hope for Irish Green Party

A back bench Green Party parliamentarian has come clean on the tensions between Fianna Fail, describing them as 'Gobshites',

I am not sure that this is particularly diplomatic but fair is fair, any sign of Green Party members suggesting that Green Party policies are more important than helping FF has to be progress.

Those of us horrified by the Green support for FF, while equally aware of the far from radical FG alternative, should applaud Greens who criticise FF. Good to see Green Party Senators abstaining on the justice bill, its a start too.

Sadly I suspect it is all a bit too late.

Incidentally the Australian Environment Minister seems to have come from the same mould as John Gormley. Motorways, uranium mines...well being a team player is more important isn't it.

“Look that is an old song, it’s an old cycle that we hear from political opponents who seem to forget that I joined the Labor Party, I became a member of the Government and I said at the time that I would accept, as a team player, the decisions that the Government took… And my job, as a consequence of that, is to support the Government’s decision clearly and make sure as Environment Minister that I set the bar on environmental protection as high as it needs to go and that is world’s best practice and that is what we have done with this decision.”

This was in response from Garrett, who used to be the big cheese of the Nuclear Disarmament Party,to his sanctioning of a uranium mine.

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