Sacrificed by Kings and corporations

'I recall the 360 Bishnoi men and women who sacrificed their lives embracing trees against the king's army's axes, back in 1730 AD in Rajasthan. I recall my friend Somen Biswas of north Bengal who took 17 chopper injuries and 6 bullets to save wildlife from poachers in 1998, and was rewarded from the West Bengal govt with the title of "Criminal". These are the people who keep the lamps of our hope aloft and burning, and rejuvenate our zeal to do something for nature and life, for ourselves. '

This comment from my friend Dr Debal Deb, is so true, environmental destruction is about human rights and social justice, there are so many cases of land being stolen for 'development' and the people who complain being brutally attacked.

The rich and the powerful pretend this isn't happening, very sad to see environment ministers in Ireland and Australia, making decisions against the communities and the environment, especially when these ministers have been elected by green voters!


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