20 Jul 2009

Report back from Vestas meeting tonight in Portsmouth

I have tonight returned from a meeting in Portsmouth at which I learnt
of your courageous action in attempting to prevent the removal of vital
machinery from your plant by occupying the Vesta factory.

Further to the message of support you have already received from our
Leader, Caroline Lucas, On behalf of the Green Party, I offer our full
support for your action. The closure of this facility is not an option,
and a way must be found to keep it open. Your direct action is
proportional and appropriate to the circumstances.

We call upon all workers on the Island and in Portsmouth and Southampton
transport industries not to co-operate with any moves to relocate
equipment and materials from the Vesta factory.

Please let us know what further action we may take to support you.

Tim Dawes
Co-chair The Green Party Regional Council of England and Wales
Convenor of SE Hampshire Green Party
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Portsmouth South

Well climate camp, AWL, SWP. Green Party and the Fourth International are all doing good support for Vestas! Nice to read this from Tim

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