10 Jul 2009

The Open Veins of Bagua

"Utopia is on the horizon. Walk two steps, it is two steps away and the horizon runs ten steps further. So where is utopia? It is made by walking"

The Open Veins of Bagua

As part of our environmental work lets make tribute to the solidarity show by the town of Bagua to the brothers of the Awajun and Wampis; before, during and after the 5th June; thanks to the brothers of Bagua for giving us their confidence and warmth that has enabled us to carry out our work of documentation, research and reporting and delivery to all defenders of the nature of Lambayeque, Peru and the world.

What is giving me real hope is the confidence and organisation of the indigenous, I am getting lots of stuff direct from 'the young defenders of the rainforest', I will try and translate some of it.

There is an ongoing investigation into the deaths at Bagua on 5th June and discoveries of human remains are being carefully collected.

its horrible to see these photos...but this is what the crisis on our planet is about, people killed to extract oil, log forests and devastate the Earth.

Human rights and ecology are part of the same struggle....indigenous people are in this struggle, the good news is that they are increasingly winning....we need to show our solidarity and spread the word

If you read Spanish there is a full report here

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