bunnies who mean business!

Earth First! activists brought work at the opencast coal mine near
Shipley, Derbyshire, grinding to a halt on Monday (26th) by occupying
six site vehicles.

Around 20 protesters entered the site in the morning before locking
on to diggers. The action ended at around 1.30pm when the 11 remaining
protesters were arrested for aggravated trespass. The 11 have been
charged and will appear at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates'
Court next month.

EF! activist Andrew Kirkman said, 'As local people can attest,
the handful of jobs that opencast coal mining provides hardly
compensate for the noise, traffic and pollution that we have to
suffer. Local people fought long and hard against the this mine, not
just for our sakes but also for that of our children.'



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