14 Oct 2009

From the Ferry to the Limo, another day in the political death of John Gormley

'If you wanted to encapsulate the death of the Green Party in a little moral tale, you’d be hard put to come up with a better one than John Gormley’s ostentatiously eco-friendly trip to the UK on the ferry, after which he was picked up by a limo that drove from London to Holyhead at a cost of €2,200. If you think of the ferry as Green principles and the limo as Fianna Fáil culture, you have a perfect image for the charade that was played out at the weekend.'

More here.

Green politics is making some gains but sadly not in Ireland. Depressing to watch the death of the once inspiring Irish Green Party.

And terrible news that former councillor Bronwen Maher, great women that she is has joined the Labour Party.

Better stick with the winners, when it comes to green politics.

Elinor Ostrom, the indigenous, climate camp.

The pathology of the Irish Greens can at least help, from its study, to keep other Green Parties healthy

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