4 Oct 2009

End of week round up

The German elections saw a victory for the centre right but the Greens and the left advanced at the expense of the SPD, the Greek general elections has just been won by the socialist, be interesting to see if ecosocialists pick up seats....

Tom Chance asks 'Whose ripping us off?'

Kevin suggests that socialism makes us happy here.

Craig points out that we will soon be governed by Emperor Blair:

I had always been a supporter of EU membership, but even the possibility of Blair's appointment crystallises for me the arrogance of Brussels and the increasing distance between EU institutions and people. Should the EU become headed by a war criminal, I shall defintely conclude it is time to leave.

The indigenous refuse to see their forests stolen and logged by climate criminals more here.

I don't really do the SWP but you can't beat Lenin's Tomb, here is the take on the victory of Ryan Air in Ireland.

Sunny notes that the BBC is becoming the favoured media outlet for the BNP here.

And at Liberal Conspiracy he argues that Caroline Lucas was right to go to the Labour Party conference.

And Caroline reviews Zac Goldsmith's book The Constant Economy here.

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