11 Oct 2009

What no indigenous! Greenpeace fail on climate manifesto

http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/blog/about/our-manifesto-20091009...12 policies to save the climate and our planet
Posted by John Sauven on 11 October 2009

12 policies to save the planet but nothing about leaving the indigenous in charge of the forests...Greenpeace this isn't good enough....join me on the mobilisation tomorrow!

think of the bravery of the people of the Peruvian amazon who despite being murder for defending the forests, struggle on...when they stop oil exploration they can be shot....this is not the kind of danger we face in the UK....and time after time they win the battle....a manifesto without support for the indigenous is incomplete.

things of right wing death squads killing peasants in Colombia to get biofuels for cars in the UK....its got to stop...join me tomorrow!

'12th is the anniversary of the day of shame when Colombus attacked the indigenous and started a process that resulted in the theft of their land and culture and millions dead.

Indigenous and friends of the indigenous are organising a global mobilisation to resist the threats to planet earth.

please join and spread the word.


4:45 Colombian Embassy 3 Hans Crescent SW1 (Knightsbridge tube)

5:30 Peruvian Embassy 52 Sloane Street SW1

5:50 Spanish Embassy Chesham Place SW1

6:30 UK Foreign Office Parliament Street SW1 (Westminster tube)

7pm Department for Energy and Climate Change 3 Whitehall Place SW1 – where we will join the Agro-fuels don’t ROC(k)! demonstration against renewable energy subsidies for Agro-fuels called by the Campaign against Climate Change, Biofuelwatch and Food Not Fuel.'

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