11 Oct 2009

Sunday supplement

'Around the world, the movie and music companies order politicians to introduce draconian measures to stop people from sharing files. Since sharing is good, laws against sharing are evil, but the companies use propaganda terms such as ‘piracy’ and ‘intellectual property’ to distort the issue. The citizens dislike these laws anyway, but governments obey the companies instead.' suggests Richard Stallman.

Been doing a bit of work with Jason Walsh.....very impressed he has a Richard Stallman piece on his website....give it a look.

Well according to two doctors non violent direct action has produced victories at Kingsnorth and Heathrow.

I say viva the climate camp...don't forget next weekends blockade of Ratcliffe power station.

Liberal conspiracy asks are libertarians like toddlers?

While the news is in that Plane Stupid and Greenpeace are on the house of parliament, as I blog.

The indigenous are winning victories in defence of planet.

Some good stuff from Joseph Stiglitz attacking socialism for bankers!

Elsewhere I have supporting the UCU campaign at London met.

and of course the Gombeen men and women of the Irish Green Party continue to upset Dr Wall and real greens everywhere....vote green and get a free motorway and throw some money at the banks....don't say Nama. Why are 'pragmatists' so strategically inept?

However ex Green Party councillors could be organising a new Green Party in Ireland that is Green! Watch Cedar Lounge and see if they have more on this story, its only a faint rumour but here is hoping....Cedar Lounge is handy on Irish politics in general.

Viva Minga....see some of you tomorrow on the mobilisation for life.

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