31 Oct 2009

I am on Twitter OMG! http://twitter.com/Anothergreen

its all gone Lin Ostrom WTF!

Yes late adopter that I am I am twittering.

catch me here http://twitter.com/Anothergreen

Just wrote for my book, will we still have books by 1st December 2009 when the 'manuscript' is delivered,

'However in a world of new media it is also difficult to advance the more sophisticated ideas that cannot be compressed into an easy sound bite or a tweet. At its best green politics does encourage us to ask some very big questions that are largely ignored by other political ideologies, the answers are not, always simple.'

LOL....follow me here http://twitter.com/Anothergreen

Actually could be handy for getting news from Peru out quickly, don't get me on to a rant about how evil Chris Bryant MP is or hohow greens forget the real greens in the Peruvian Amazon, wonder if AIDESEP twitter.

They are blogging a lot of stuff, Peru's president wants to disolve Aidesep so he can rape the rainforests, I bet he has Tony Blair helping him...leer mas aquell

any way should twitter this...

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