Its the climate swoop tomorrow.

We have to use less carbon.

The climate camp have been inspired in drawing attention to the failure of the global framework, next stop the Copenhagen circus.

Please support, the indigenous and the climate camp are really inspiring me, they have the right solutions, are strategic and win victories....their victories slow the train which hurtles towards the abyss.

Don't be confused - 2009 is just another year of climate talks, in which governments and corporations will continue business as usual and tell us how a load of corrupt (but profitable) trading is in fact a real attempt to save the world.

To solve climate change we're going to have to get together and make a real noise. CO2 levels are rising 20,000 times faster than at any point in life's astonishing billion year history and coal is the biggest source of emissions. If we burn all the coal in the ground we're toast. No butter, no jam, just toast. So stopping the burning of coal in the rapidly warming world is a good place to start.

That's why on the 17th & 18th October 2009 we're having a mega get together to close one of the UK's biggest coal fired
power stations, E.ON's Ratcliffe-on-Soar in Nottingham.

More here

Merrick reveals le flic are already
repressing the protest


ray evans said…
Hey Derek. Thanks for posting about the Swoop. If you wanted to follow up post-Swoop we have loads of cool content over at

Feel free to embed!

There's also some interesting reading/updates at the Climate Camp blog:


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