25 Oct 2009

'Hugo Blanco has set an example'

'Hugo Blanco is the head of one of the guerrilla movements in Peru. He struggled stubbornly but the repression was strong. I don't know what his tactics of struggle were, but his fall does not signify the end of the movement. It is only a man that has fallen, but not the movement. One time, when we were preparing to make our landing from the Granma, and when
there was great risk that all of us would be killed, Fidel said: 'What is more important than all of us, is the example we set." It's the same thing, Hugo Blanco has set an example.'

Che Guevara said these words in Algiers in the 1960s while making an appeal for Hugo Blanco. Che's judgement was a little premature, I had an email from Hugo Blanco today in 2009 about Elinor Ostrom's work in support of indigenous people.

I was amazed to find the above statement from Che....Hugo continues to provide an example, the example of the Peruvian Amazon first peoples is an example, to those who want to work for ecology and justice universally.

With the Copenhagen Climate Circus coming up, I hope the inspiration of people who use non violent direct action to prevent climate change by preserving the Amazon has a voice.

Hugo Blanco continues to publish Lucha Indigena and put out a statement in support of the Vestas workers a couple of months ago.

A very good ecosocialist comrade.

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