28 Oct 2009


Just had this from the climate camp....I have no hope that Copenhagen will reduce emissions but I have every hope that people organised at the grassroots will find solutions,

Viva the climate camp!
Viva the lucha indigena!

At 4.30am on Monday morning, 19 activists cycled into Didcot Power Station
to shut it down. 11 gained access and locked onto the coal conveyor belt,
while 8 others ascended the 200m chimney. RWE-npower, the facility owners,
were forced to admit that the action had stopped all coal-fired
electricity production.

Tonight, the chimney top remains occupied. Here's what some of those up
there have to say:

“I’m a qualified builder and in one week's time I turn 52. I never thought
in my life I would do anything like this. It’s amazing how working with
committed people can empower you to confront these massive companies and
help force real change in the world.”

“I’m a receptionist from Essex. If we wait around for our government to
tackle climate change without any real intentions, we will not have any
hope for our future. This is about acting now, and further action must be

"I'm a 37 year old web designer. The best way to deal with carbon
emissions is to stop them where they begin. We are here to ensure putting
an end to coal power cannot be ignored at Copenhagen. Climate Change is
the biggest challenge human beings have ever faced, but the fact is, so
far our government has seen the cost of tackling climate change as greater
than the cost of climate change itself. This must be stopped."

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