1 Dec 2009

Hugo Blanco asks Has Pizango the capacity to be President?

this is my rather poor translation but the meaning of Hugo Blanco's powerful words, hopefully shines throw my fog!

Pizango the leader of Aidesep, well the figure who represents the democratic will of over 40 indigenous peoples in the Peruvian Amazon, is running as President of Peru.

His victory will be a victory for the indigenous, a victory for the people of Peru and a victory for the Amazon.

Indigenous people provide a vanguard to save the planet and are most organised in the Peruvian Amazon.

Presidents of Peru have served the multinationals not the people of Peru.

The nationalist military leader Ollanta is not on the side of the people.

An important statement, spread the word.

Has Pizango the capacity to be President?

Hugo Blanco

Before the announcement of the candidacy of Pizango some people have been saying: "He is ok as the leader of the indigenous, but is unfit for president."

What are the appropriate capabilities for presidents?

Great ability to lie in the campaign, for example, to listen to the speech of Alan García in
Ayabaca, where he spoke against imperialism and the Free Trade Agreement, saying that Peru is an agricultural country.

People voted for Fujimori to be against neoliberalism touted by Vargas Llosa, the government (of Fujimori) introduced neoliberalism

Of course a prerequisite is to have a lot of money for the campaign.

We agree that Pizango does not have these capabilities!.


None of the Presidents we've had, listened to the people and did what they wanted. [Pizango] was named President of AIDESEP and he delivered. That's precisely what we need, a president that does not follow foreign masters, but our people. When he was President of AIDESEP, he did what he was ordered by the indigenous communities. President of the country where you will be told to all people's organizations. [...] As president his job is to coordinate the work of all.

About fulfill its promise, we have seen in action, rather than speaking does. He has confronted in practice we know for a fact, predatory multinational corporations and their servants: The government, the parliamentary majority, the servile press, police servants of foreign companies, etc..

By voting for a candidate we think not only of Peru but of the destiny of humanity. Our species will cause certain death if it continues in the hands of multinationals. Our great duty is to preserve the environment to ensure human survival. This precisely has been the battle of the Amazon led by Pizango, it provides lesson for Peru and the world.

For all these reasons we have never had a candidate with a higher worth than him.


Naturally we feel a need to act together with popular forces to use strength. It all whom we must rally around the fight is more democratic, more courageous and more successful of recent times, the fight Amazon.

What gives us pain is that that term is used to get to the tail of a soldier who never had any role in popular struggles and is not practicing democracy: Ollanta Humala.

They say that the leftist parties that support him in what they are really interested in is to occupy some parliamentary seats that would be a dirty trade, parliamentary seats preferred by sacrificing the social struggle, the only path to transform the country.

I hope this is a slander and reconsider its attitude to drive directly through the Amazon fighting Pizango candidacy.

Ollanta sprang into notoriety "Locumba Uprising," which was supposedly an action against the government of Fujimori, but that subsequent information indicates that the object had to be a smokescreen for the escape of Montesinos, as he himself indicates . Naturally the word of the advisory is not a reliable source, but the fact is there were strange things in this "uprising".

Initially I thought that Ollanta had harangued the soldiers against Fujimori but this was not the case, he ordered 60 soldiers and out and out told them that it was a rebellion. In a long march in two departments, military forces were declining sharply, they were joined by some reservists recruited by his brother Antauro. The tour lasted from 29 October to 11 December of the year 2000. When Fujimori came and went Paniagua uprising ended and after a few days of detention, Ollanta was sent as military attache to France and then to Korea. Then he returned to the country and took the organization of reservists and others, built by Antauro, to launch a candidate, proclaiming things that sounded good to the oppressed people.

The strange thing was that the "uprising", which coincides with the escape of Montesinos, for 43 days did not suffer an attack from the forces of the Fujimori-Montesinos dictatorship nor the petals of a flower (unlike Andahuaylazo that a few days to burst was violently repressed with dead and wounded).

Suppose that a smoke screen for the escape of Montesinos, the military relationship with Montesinos, and so on. are a vile slander. We need an explanation of why the "uprising" was not repressed by the dictatorship during the 43 days.

Ollanta by not criticizing their abhorrence of democratic methods, I understand. Antauro As I said to cordial and respectful in public correspondence that we had:

"MILITARY TRAINING .- The Armed Forces is the powerful tool of the dominant sectors of the economy that they determine to your service organization of the State, within which the armed forces and police have the task of being guardians of that order. "

"Naturally people are not told that, he taught:" The Armed Forces is responsible for looking after the safety of the homeland against foreign attack and the police is in charge of domestic social order. " It is true that they also fulfill these functions, as they do not affect its fundamental task is to defend the system of oppression. "

"That's why leaders must be well paid (also when they serve abroad as he has his brother)."

"So we can not afford even a modicum of democracy in the military, and that since the troop is comprised of the oppressed sectors of our people and the free exchange of ideas and democracy is serving the ruling classes."

"You have been educated in that school, while I have been educated in the school of social struggle, it is understandable that we disagree."

Ollanta has that training and is consistent with it.

Recall that his superiors did not want to clarify their role in the dirty war. He was proud to have been welcomed by them during the war, while honest military preferred to leave the country to serve in it.

When in the last election a candidate of the right sought military impunity for murderers, he protested, but not in defense of human rights, but because such a sensitive issue for his "military family" should not be used in the election campaign .

For him, democracy is a mortal enemy, he is accustomed to top-down, he is the boss...

When his supporters waited anxiously in Cusco to swear in his directive, he asked:

- Who chose this directive?

- We, the members of the party

- This is not like other parties, I choose the policy.

When the candidates were appointed, some were sold the application, as Torres Caro, who, as a good businessman, to get elected he sold his office for a much higher price. Others because they had to pull popular votes, as Huancahuari Juana, who remains the social fighter he always was.

In the municipal and regional elections, they ignored the views of their base in the election of candidates, it was very bad. This method continues, the party will not choose its election candidates, it is a military organisation and he will decided who is choosen.

When after the massacre at Bagua by National Party parliamentarians decided on hunger strike demanding the repeal of the decrees of conflict, he prohibited them from doing so "as not to come and address Pizango AIDESEP" to ask him.

[Ollanta] has not participated in the social struggles before becoming Presidential candidate

Gutierrez, the Ecuadorian military figure who betrayed his constituents [while President of Ecuador], at least had the merit of having been imprisoned for refusing to fire on the indigenous..

Ollanta said: "I'm not left or right."

Election promises are fine but tired in Peru, we want to see action. We mentioned the beautiful promises of Alan in Ayabaca, much more interesting than anything said by Ollanta.

Pizango makes no promises, but acts, coordinating the struggle of the local population to defend their commons and rainforests for indigenous people and for all of humanity.


I congratulate those who, realizing that the people of the Amazon were at the forefront of the Peruvian people in their struggle for the defense of sovereignty, collective organization and nature, against imperialism and its domestic servants, formed in Lima on Front for Life and Sovereignty (FRENVIDAS) to support the fight Amazon.

I ask you to use the FRENVIDAS to really support this struggle, which is manifested in defending the appointment of his representative, thus moving to the political election that fight.

Do not use the fight to elect a military candidate who was not seen in any social struggle.

Unity yes! Don't prostitute the Amazon, accelerate the struggle.

November 2009


Anonymous said...

The spanish original can be found at http://www.luchaindigena.com/2009/11/esta-capacitado-pizango-para-ser-presidente/

Anonymous said...

The spanish orginal can be found at http://www.luchaindigena.com/2009/11/esta-capacitado-pizango-para-ser-presidente/

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