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Protest Danish plans to smash Copenhagen climate protest

Write to the Danish Ambassador or phone or email to protest at the planned repression of climate activists in Copenhagen.

His excellency Birger Riis-Jørgensen
Embassy of Denmark
55 Sloane Street
London SW1X 9SR

Tel: 0044 (0)20 7333 0200
Fax: 0044 (0)20 7333 0270

Her is a letter from my ecosocialist comrade in Copenhagen.

We write to express our concern about the proposed "hoodlum" law which is planned by your government. The bill that will be put before the Danish parliament, in a few weeks, has serious implications for anyone who is intending to demonstrate, or protest in any way, during the COP15 summit in Copenhagen this December.

It is clear from the timing, that your government intends this bill to become law by the time of the summit. We understand that the proposed bill will greatly increase the Police's powers of arrest. Among its main provisions: the extension of the period of "preventative" arrest from six to twelve hours; an increase in…

I am on Twitter OMG!

its all gone Lin Ostrom WTF!

Yes late adopter that I am I am twittering.

catch me here

Just wrote for my book, will we still have books by 1st December 2009 when the 'manuscript' is delivered,

'However in a world of new media it is also difficult to advance the more sophisticated ideas that cannot be compressed into an easy sound bite or a tweet. At its best green politics does encourage us to ask some very big questions that are largely ignored by other political ideologies, the answers are not, always simple.'

LOL....follow me here

Actually could be handy for getting news from Peru out quickly, don't get me on to a rant about how evil Chris Bryant MP is or hohow greens forget the real greens in the Peruvian Amazon, wonder if AIDESEP twitter.

They are blogging a lot of stuff, Peru's president wants to disolve Aidesep so he can rape the rainforests, I bet he has Tony Blair helping him...leer mas aquell


Victory to the Posties! (Bristol meetings)

They are at 6.30pm every Wednesday:

Bristol & District Amal Branch
20 Church Road
Lawrence Hill

There are also activists in the Broadmead Bristol between 1-3 today collecting and leafleting for the CWU

Jerry Hicks and Green Left members are active in this but you don't have to be a green lefty to support the posties, in fact if you like having post and don't want the government to trash the postal service get involved

Rising from the East: A day to explore communities, culture and politics in London’s East End

Just had this from David Rosenberg, looks great.....apologies for lack of graphics, not sure how to get them from the pdf to the blog post...right got to sit down and write my book today (well the last chapter)

A day to explore communities,
culture and politics in
London’s East End
11.00 Registration
Session 1: Rebels with a cause
11.30-12.10: East End Jewish anarchists before WW1 –
lessons for the 21st century (Ben Gidley)
12.15-12.55: Minnie Lansbury – feminist, socialist and rebel
Poplar Councillor (Janine Booth)
Lunch / Book signing by Bill Fishman, author of many books
on East End history and a Cable Street veteran
Session 2: The struggle for better lives
1.35-2.15: Self-help, solidarity and socialism: the Workers’
Circle (David Mazower)
2.20-3.00 Doctors and Politics in East London (John Eversley)
Break for refreshments
Session 3: Bengalis and the East End – a continuing story
3.15-3.55 The East India Company and the silencing of East
End histories (Georgie W…

bunnies who mean business!

Earth First! activists brought work at the opencast coal mine near
Shipley, Derbyshire, grinding to a halt on Monday (26th) by occupying
six site vehicles.

Around 20 protesters entered the site in the morning before locking
on to diggers. The action ended at around 1.30pm when the 11 remaining
protesters were arrested for aggravated trespass. The 11 have been
charged and will appear at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates'
Court next month.

EF! activist Andrew Kirkman said, 'As local people can attest,
the handful of jobs that opencast coal mining provides hardly
compensate for the noise, traffic and pollution that we have to
suffer. Local people fought long and hard against the this mine, not
just for our sakes but also for that of our children.'


Postal worker defended by CWU

I just got a message from Jerry Hicks.

'A postal worker of 22 years standing was dismissed in Truro because he stayed at home to look after his sick wife.

An Employment tribual just awarded him maximum damages against Royal Mail, he would have got £92,000 by the Tribunal’s calculations had it not been for the statutory cap on damages.

Well done to the CWU.'

Keep up with Jerry Hicks' good work at his blog here....Incidentally I had a useful meeting with Jerry yesterday discussing his work and the need to green trade unions,

EU drives down our pay!

The New Spectre Haunting Europe: The ECJ, Trade Union Rights and the British Government

organised by The Institute of Employment Rights in association with SERTUC

to book your free place, please book at

about the conference

Nearly two years ago, trade unions faced four hostile decisions from the European Court of Justice. Those decisions – in the Viking, Laval, Ruffert and Luxembourg cases - struck at the very heart of trade union activity. They attacked the right of unions to take strike action in support of jobs. They undermined collective bargaining by preventing industrial action in defence of pay and conditions above minimum standards set out in the Posted Workers Directive.

Since then, the implications of those hostile European decisions have been played out in a series of UK disputes. First, BALPA was threatened with bankruptcy when BA brought legal proceedings against planned strike action to prevent the export of jobs. Then national agreements covering UK oil ref…

Mandelson and Cameron want to sell the Post Office to make the bankers rich!

thanks to my ecosocialist comrade Richard Kuper for letting me know about this from the LRB letters

In the Sorting Office
Like Roy Mayall writing in your issue of 24 September, I am a postman and concerned at the absence in the media of any account of how mail delivery is organised and what Royal Mail’s modernisation programme entails. The programme was introduced because the popularity of email and texting has caused a drop in mail volume. Royal Mail’s first step was to reduce the number of walks. It did this by cutting some walks in each area and making the remaining walks longer. A postman who normally delivered mail to six streets, say, now found himself delivering to eight or nine. During the summer months, when mail volumes were low, he could, perhaps, just cope with this. But as autumn begins and the Christmas catalogues start to come out, every week and sometimes every day can be heavy. In the run-up to last Christmas, there were postmen who only finished their walks at 7 or 8 p…

Rainforest rescue camp

'Around the world, an area of forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed every two seconds. Deforestation adds to all of the industrial pollution we pump into the atmosphere – not only by releasing the carbon that's stored in trees and ecosystems, but also by destroying the natural carbon cycling capacity of the planet'

Greenpeace have set up a protest camp in Sumatra to stop rainforest destruction.

Good for them.

However hundreds of thousands of indigenous people permanently camp, I think we use the expression 'live', in the rainforests and protect them.

I sometimes wonder if the only non indigenous people who talk about how important it is to recognise their role are myself and Elinor Ostrom.

Well, of course, there are great groups like Survival International but in the rush to make a lot of noise and not do much of any great effect to tackle climate change, we forget the indigenous.

In the Amazon, despite horrendous repression from Alan Garcia's government, …

More management lies! We report from the postal picket lines

> royal mail is claiming that we walked away from talks. This is not true.
> It is also not true that there was an agreement. The union submitted a set
> of proposals yesterday morning that royal mail had still not responded to
> at 5 last night - in fact they still have not responded to those
> proposals. There is no split on the pec. They are 100% behind the
> industrial action. Royal mail are still insisting that we sign up to a
> pre xmas no strike deal. They are also still refusing to compromise on any
> of the issues at the heart of the dispute. Royal mail are likely to
> continue with their lies over the next few days to try and undermine the
> union and paint us in the worse possible light. We will keep you updated
> on the real facts.

just had this from a postie!

Close tax havens/Tobin petition

Hi All

Ok here's one last try at getting numbers up on my tax and CAP justice petition, which expires on the 12th November. I'll transfer details to another webspace before it expires, but in the meantime pls put your name to it if you haven't already, and thanks to everyone who's alread signed it.

For those that haven't read it in detail, petition is about (1) closing down tax havens (2) bringing in a global currency transaction tax (CTT, aka Tobin) to fund public goods at the grassroots level worldwide and (3) reform of the Common Agricuktural Policy (CAP) to (a) protect small co-operative endeavours and real democracy (b) end state-capitalist protectionism and (c) level the global economic playing field so that the global south can compete as per the doctrine of international comparative advantage.

So, here again, in case you missed it is link to petition


If you are UK, …

Bristol Venezuela film showing

I have so many speaking engagements I hardly find time to post them, any how I am off to Bristol in an hour or so to help with the Inside the Revolution film showing, so see some of you later.

Documentary Screening: Inside the Revolution: A Journey into the Heart of Venezuela (Thursday 29th October/Bristol)
Tue, 10/06/2009 - 14:45 — Pablo
Inside the Revolution: A Journey into the Heart of Venezuela
(Director Pablo Navarrete, 65mins, Alborada Films, 2009)

February 2009 marked 10 years since Hugo Chavez took office, following a landslide election victory, and launched his revolution to bring radical change to Venezuela. While wildly popular with many in the country, Chavez's policies and his strongly-worded criticisms of the U.S. government have also made him powerful enemies, both at home and abroad, especially in the media.

Filmed in Caracas in November 2008, on the eve of the 10th anniversary of Chavez's controversial presidency, this feature-length documentary takes a journey into…

Indigenous will shut down goldmine

Do subscribe to Intercontinental Cry, there is a lot of hand wringing and carbon trading when it comes to the ecological crisis, then there are those who work for nature in an effective way, their work is online at Intercontinental Cry.

In late August, a coalition of indigenous groups and landowners in Papua New Guinea announced their plan to shut down the open pit gold mine on their territory, unless the company who owns the mine, Canada’s Barrick Gold, responded positively to a petition they filed with the PNG Government.

The landowners described the petition as a “boil over” from enduring years of deprivation and marginalization, which has included the denial of access to fresh water, being subjected to abuses and having traditional practices criminalized. Toxic waste from the mine is also being dumped into the local river system. In effect, people in Porgera Valley are dying a slow death while Barrick Gold makes its millions.

Among many points raised in the petition, the landowners a…

Barack Obama: Nobel Laureate

[col. writ. 10/9/09] (c) '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

The award of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to U.S. President Barack H. Obama, evoked gasps of shock in Stockholm, Sweden, and both praise and catcalls in America.

For some, it seemed a fitting tribute to a young man who broke numerous barriers in his 2008 election. For others, especially those on the right, Obama's award seemed granted to one who hasn't really done much, given 9 months in office.

Both views miss the expressed intentions of the award presenters: 5 members of the Nobel Prize Committee in Sweden. As Europeans, they, like the vast majority of Europeans, see him not just as a bright, popular politician - but as the antithesis to his bellicose predecessor -- George W. Bush, the self-proclaimed 'War President.'

Bush's administration typified the epitome of U.S. arrogance and hyper-nationalism; a neocon dream that threatened, blustered and belittled all that did not bow to Washington.

Obama …


Just had this from the climate camp....I have no hope that Copenhagen will reduce emissions but I have every hope that people organised at the grassroots will find solutions,

Viva the climate camp!
Viva the lucha indigena!

At 4.30am on Monday morning, 19 activists cycled into Didcot Power Station
to shut it down. 11 gained access and locked onto the coal conveyor belt,
while 8 others ascended the 200m chimney. RWE-npower, the facility owners,
were forced to admit that the action had stopped all coal-fired
electricity production.

Tonight, the chimney top remains occupied. Here's what some of those up
there have to say:

“I’m a qualified builder and in one week's time I turn 52. I never thought
in my life I would do anything like this. It’s amazing how working with
committed people can empower you to confront these massive companies and
help force real change in the world.”

“I’m a receptionist from Essex. If we wait around for our government to
tackle climate change without any real intentions…

Body shop cosmetics make farmers homeless!

Boycott Body Shop and use Lush (they have banned palm oil, Lush must be the only actual green business, I thought green business was an oxy moron!)

Just got this, don't suppose you have to be a Christian to get involved!

Christians take action against Body Shop in London this Thursday – to stop buying palm oil from a Colombian company involved in the displacement of small farmers

On Thursday, Oct. 29, 2009, in central London, Christian Peacemaker Teams will again ask The Body Shop to stop buying palm oil from a Colombian company involved in the displacement of small farmers.

Can you join a team visiting several Body Shop outlets in London to express our concerns, from 9 a.m. onwards? Or can you join us all together for a closing action at 4 p.m. at the Body Shop outlet at 268 Oxford Street, GB W1C (just west of Oxford Circus station)? Can you pass this invitation along to others?

Daabon Organics, the primary supplier of palm oil to The Body Shop, has played a pivotal role in the recent…

The DAS Case and Human Rights in Colombia: SOAS Sat 31 Oct

The British government and the EU pick out the countries in Latin America where there are death squads. And do trade deals with them.

I guess they like the countries with death squads.

May be the coup leaders in Honduras are killing trade unionists because they think if the body count is high enough, the EU will restore ties and Gordon Brown will send over some foreign office MP like Chris Bryant.

One day Gordon Brown will get up in the middle of the night and the dead will walk with him on the way to the toilet. The people I know from Bagua are tough, I hope their ghosts haunt the living who conspired to kill them.

Yes I mean the average labour party MP who doesn't know and lets the government keep buddy buddy with Uribe and Garcia as the killing of indigenous people and trade unionists continues.

The DAS Case and Human Rights in Colombia: SOAS Sat 31 Oct

The Latin American Workers Association and the Polo Democratico invite you to

A talk with Eduardo Carreño, human rights lawyer, m…

Green Left statement

Green Left welcomes the decision of Birmingham Green Party to stand aside in the parliamentary constituency of Hall Green to let Salma Yaqoob of Respect contest the general election there. The decision, which was endorsed by 86% of Green Party members in the area, is another step in forming an alliance between those forces on the Left of British politics campaigning against war, privatisation, the ongoing march to environmental disaster and Fascism. We regard this as an historic step in the campaign for the next general election and for progressive politics in this country.

Joseph Healy

Sue Tibbles


Green Left

Greens will give Salma a free run

I am very pleased that the Green Party in Salma's constituency of Hall Green have voted to withdraw the Green Party General Election candidate and give her a free run.

I have been arguing very strongly for this for a while and also arguing that the decision should be made democratically by local members.

Salma is great, I am very happy to have worked for in the past and I am hoping to go up and support her General Election campaign.

Her support for the Green Party at the last European Elections was very welcome.

She has also been supportive of ecosocialist ideas and action in RESPECT.

So very good news.

I will be posting more details of how people can support her campaign.

And I am off to work for Caroline on 7th November.

Its also a vindication of the good work of Green Left.

Caroline Lucas tells Donald Trump to tee off

The leader of the Green Party England and Wales, Caroline Lucas MEP, has urged the European Commission to launch a full investigation into American tycoon Donald Trump’s controversial plans to build a golf course and resort development on valuable ecological land in Aberdeenshire.

In a letter to the Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas, the Green Euro-MP expressed concern that outline planning permissions for the development granted by Aberdeenshire Council could be in breach of European law on the environment and local planning.

Initial outline planning permission was granted to Trump by Scottish Ministers in December 2008 after the council rejected it. Five supplementary planning applications were made earlier this year and given the go-ahead a few weeks ago. A further application - to start work on transforming the Menie dunes into a golf course - is due to be considered by Aberdeenshire Council's Formartine Area Committee on Tuesday 27 October.

Dr Lucas MEP said:

"This prop…

Didcot Power Station shut down.

good work.....companeros!

I suppose the climate deniers will be saying death does not kill and there is no real scientific consensus that smoking 40 a day is bad for your lungs, putting your hand in a meat grinder has not been proved to reduce ones ability to open a packet of crisps

However things are so bad the seas are turning acid cos of CO2 being absorbed.

I say slow the train, plenty of other people say lets go faster, nothing to worry about......good for the climate camp for doing the necessary once again!

Protesters scale chimney and have supplies to last weeks
For comments or interviews call 07814321272.

Climate campaigners have this morning shut down N-Power’s flagship coal plant at Didcot in Oxforshire.

The twenty peaceful protesters rode their push-bikes past security guards at 4.30am this morning before splitting into two groups. One team has shut down the giant coal conveyors which feed the boilers at the plant, while a second group of nine men and women has climbed the inside o…

Postal workers support group Meeting for all trade unionists in Hackney

I don't know whether Elinor Ostrom has any opinions on the postal service, I suspect good libertarian that she is, she would see selling it off as pretty crazy...anyway victory to the CWU, we can win this one and stop Brown and Cameron closing down a good effecient service.

Postal workers support group
Meeting for all trade unionists in Hackney

Wednesday 28 October
From 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Bodrum Café & Bar
61 Stoke Newington High Street, Stoke Newington, N16 8EL

Please come along and find out what you can do to support your local postal workers.
There will be speakers from the CWU and from other local trade unionists who are
currently in dispute.

HTUC is a co-ordinating body that aims to bring together all trade union members wanting to build a strong broad based labour movement in Hackney. Please come along to find out how you can get involved. Trade union branches anywhere in London with members who live or work in Hackney can affiliate to the HTUC and can send delegates. Please circula…

Elinor Ostrom on the seven generation rule

'Our problem is how to craft rules at multiple levels that enable humans to adapt, learn, and change over time so that we are sustaining the very valuable natural resources that we inherited so that we may be able to pass them on. I am deeply indebted to the indigenous peoples in the U.S. who had an image of seven generations being the appropriate time to think about the future. I think we should all reinstate in our mind the seven-generation rule. When we make really major decisions, we should ask not only what will it do for me today, but what will it do for my children, my children’s children, and their children’s children into the future.'

Well I am still on an Elinor Ostrom induced high,

It would be great it greens looked at her work, being for ecology is not enough, appropriate policies and structures are needed. I am not sure that people are actually campaigning for stuff that works. Elinor is very impressive in using practical research to explore the creation of prope…

Get involved with your local post strike support groups

To find a group near you or to get help setting one up, phone 020 7819 1175

Bristol – 07806 772 682
Birmingham – 07977 057 902
Edinburgh – 07983 537 187
Glasgow – 07805 340 555
Ipswich – 07517 531 733
London: Tower Hamlets – 07532 364 638
London: Brent – 07931 289 199
London: Greenwich – 07930 953265
London: Islington – 07950 075 088
London: Central – 07946 480 261
London: Waltham Forest – 07905 765 705
Manchester – 07854 982 366
Newcastle – 07932 948 212
Sheffield – 07767 762 743
Southampton – 07854 982 366
Whitstable Kent – 07947 424 505
Upper Calder Valley – 07871 927 008

From socialist worker...good for them for pushing this.

'Hugo Blanco has set an example'

'Hugo Blanco is the head of one of the guerrilla movements in Peru. He struggled stubbornly but the repression was strong. I don't know what his tactics of struggle were, but his fall does not signify the end of the movement. It is only a man that has fallen, but not the movement. One time, when we were preparing to make our landing from the Granma, and when
there was great risk that all of us would be killed, Fidel said: 'What is more important than all of us, is the example we set." It's the same thing, Hugo Blanco has set an example.'

Che Guevara said these words in Algiers in the 1960s while making an appeal for Hugo Blanco. Che's judgement was a little premature, I had an email from Hugo Blanco today in 2009 about Elinor Ostrom's work in support of indigenous people.

I was amazed to find the above statement from Che....Hugo continues to provide an example, the example of the Peruvian Amazon first peoples is an example, to those who want to wor…

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador is coming

just had this....

This week, President Rafael Correa of Ecuador is coming to London on an
academic visit.

On Monday 26 October a meeting for the Latin American community is being held
in Congress Centre, London. No tickets have been issued for this event, so we
assume its being held on a first come first serve basis. Rock Around The
Blockade will be there and we invite you to join us!

We believe this meeting will be held in Spanish, but it would be great to see
all supporters down there to celebrate his visit together in solidarity.


Congress Centre
28 Great Russell Street

Starts: 730PM

More information here (in Spanish only):

See you there!


Elinor Ostrom inspired chapter in People First Economics book

Toxic debt, rising job losses, collapsing commodity prices and expanding poverty. How can we rein in these beasts unleashed by the free market economy?

People First Economics takes a long, hard look at the mess globalized capitalism is in, and shifts the focus back to where it belongs – putting the needs of people and the environment first.

Vanessa Baird and David Ransom have gathered a passionate group of writers, activists, leaders and thinkers to seize this opportunity to replace deep-rooted problems with well-founded solutions.

People First Economics buzzes inspiration and action. Evo Morales promotes his 10 step programme to save the world, life and humanity... Michel Albert advocates a classless alternative to capitalism... Naomi Klein encourages public revolt...

It’s about radical changes that are social, moral and ecological it provides the opportunity to rethink what really matters in life.

I was pleased to be asked to write a chapter for the New Internationalist 'People …

Rich petition for higher tax

German millionaires are petitioning the government for an increase in income tax, arguing they don't need the cash but it would help deal with the deficit, reduce inequality and fund renewable energy.

Here in the UK Green Left members will be putting forward a maximum pay resolution to the next Green Party Conference.

In other news, Greed, a new book on greed contains a chapter by yours truly on radical economics and greed.

The age of greed needs to make way for the age of green.

Might add that I am not being paid for Greed, which is appropriate!

Stop press: Americans want higher taxes too.

An ecosocialist MP for Blaneau Gwent?

Well there is one Member of Parliament pushing ecosocialist politics already Dai Davies, he stood as an independent and beat Labour in a by-election, excellent stuff, he is working with my friend Roy Wilkes on free public transport, I am looking forward to posting up more of his stuff.

Be great if Plaid and the Greens gave him a free run at the General Election...

In the past ten days big strides have been made towards a national campaign for free public transport.

I published a research paper some months ago making the case for the wide-scale introduction of free transport.

In areas like ours, where many of our valley communities and people find themselves isolated, the issue is very important.

If you can’t access work, shops, friends, hospitals, and other things which the better-off expect, then life can become very difficult.

The research led to various interviews including an hour-long debate on BBC radio Wales in which I called for free transport to be introduced across Wales.

A like-…

Loco motive!

Writing in the 1930s when Nazi barbarism was in the rise, the Marxist philosopher and literary critic Walter Benjamin said: “Marx says that revolutions are the locomotives of world history. But the situation may be quite different. Perhaps revolutions are not the train ride, but the human race grabbing for the emergency brake.”

That’s a powerful metaphor, one that brilliantly sums up the task facing us in the twenty-first century. Capitalism is driving at break-neck speed towards a precipice, towards an ecological catastrophe of unequalled proportions. The science is clear — business as usual is not an option. If nothing is done, then even the most optimistic best-case scenarios predict massive death and destruction.

There is no higher calling, no more important cause for you to devote your lives to, than taking control of the train and slamming on the brakes.

We know what the problem is. We know what needs to be done. So why do our rulers seem determined to leave our children and the…


From the International School for Bottom Up Organising

20 October 2009

Dear Friends,


An e-mailed death threat has been received by one of the youngest students at the recent session of the International School of Bottom-up Organizing (ISBO). This is a young man from Colombia, descendent of Maroon fighters against slavery, who has been involved in positive organizing among youth in his community. He is a member of a popular hip-hop band creating positive lyrics well-received by black Colombian youth.

The death threat, minus identifying information, is attached with a translation into English [see below]. It contained numerous errors, which were retained by the translator. We don’t know if this e-mail comes from the Colombian paramilitaries, government, the CIA, or an individual crank.

We are asking you to flood the law enforcement agencies in your area or country with demands to identify this perpetrator and bring him to justice immediately. The e-mail add…

New BNP list leaked

New list of British National Party members leaked.

On wiki leaks apparently.

Sadie Graham?

Watch this space for more news.

NUT motion on climate change.

Martin sent me this, gracias mate....would have liked to have seen climate camp and my mates in the Selva a bit more up front (both of whom continue to make very big waves as you will glean from recent blog posts) but hey excellent would be great to see some organisations contratulating Elinor Ostrom, just seems to be us Green Party people, Elinor's work is totally key to delivering wealth and ecology, she really is the women to stop climate change (she will hate me for this as its all about commons and the creativity of human beings doing for themselves!).

Spread the word, the old economics is dead we have Elinoronmics!

This motion was agreed unanimously by the National Union of Teachers National Executive Committee on 8 October 2009
Mobilise for UN Climate talks in Copenhagen, December 09

“This meeting believes that we need a just, global and collectivised transition from a greed economy to a green economy. Sustainability rather than profit should be the hallmark of succ…

News from Peru!

In Bagua, the situation is particularly tense, Blanco said. “The police stations are currently without police because the police are afraid to be seen there. Some of the police live in the area but they go around without their uniforms.”

Other struggles are also being waged against transnational mining companies operating in Peru. “In parts of the mountainous regions, conflicts continue against the mining companies.

“Some indigenous people have declared that they will not allow mining companies in.

“Because these communities have received a large amount of solidarity, the government does not dare attack them. But the rivers continue to be patrolled by the navy, threatening local communities.

“There are also peasants in a jail located in the area who the government is attempting to transfer to Lima, something which is illegal.”

The government is also persecuting indigenous leaders, with 41 AIDESEP leaders facing charges. Eight have already been detained.

AIDESEP leader Alberto Pizango,…

Climate camp police violence reports coming through


Climate camp TV

Hey Derek. Thanks for posting about the Swoop. If you wanted to follow up post-Swoop we have loads of cool content over at

Feel free to embed!

There's also some interesting reading/updates at the Climate Camp blog:


On the contrary thanks Ray, the climate camp is wonderful, a lot of the time I have people arguing that the Irish Green Party with their support for motorways and corrupt bankers is the way forward.

Great to see some solid and focussed action...sorry not to be with you, off to see my Mum this weekend for her 7Oth birthday.

Towards an unnatural economy

As public awareness of the Copenhagen treaty grows ever greater, we should not stand back and simply join the throng of voices calling for greater and greater promises from the political elite ('Can our leaders please be nicer! Can our leaders please be nicer!). Talk of 50, 60, 80% cuts in emissions deals neither with distribution not production - it deals with the idea of a treaty itself. Our voice should be a clear and loud 'How?', contrasting with the confused 'What?' of other groups. And in doing so, we should be confident that we do have the tools to express an alternative economy: one built not on Nature as a resource, but on participants living in Common.

I don't follow the SWP but it is said they have suspend student members and bloggers at SOAS....the people in question ran a website called Counter Fire, which looked quite good and interesting.

It has been shut down, noticed this on the commons and ecology, it seems to miss much of the debate on commons …