Brent Trades Union Council 'full support for the reinstatement of Abdul Omer'

Good to see some support from a Trade Union Council for a good union activist, with Lab/Lib Dem/Cons eager to sack thousands of workers in public services, we need strong and committed unions, looks like Brent leads the way.

Brent Trades Union Council
Paul Matthews
Managing Director
London Sovereign Ltd
Busways House
Wellington Road
Fax: 020 8943 2688
Dear Mr Matthews
Re Abdul Omer Mohsin, formerly , Unite convenor for London Sovereign
I am writing to express Brent Trades Union Council's full support for the reinstatement of Abdul Omer. I have detailed information from the union side of the case, and find the Management case to be unsupportable.

I and all your other customers would regret this dispute coming to a strike. However I can understand how this can provoke one. Should it come to a strike, Brent TUC will give the strike its fullest support.
Long experience as a trades unionist has shown me that legal action turns out to be far and away the most expensive and divisive option.
Please step back and think again. It's in no-one's interest to let this situation continue.
Yours sincerely
Ben Rickman


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