29 May 2010

David Laws resigns, Chris Huhne to replace him at Treasury

David Laws, chief secretary to the Treasury, has resigned.

This was over paying his partner over room rental.

A bit sad, as a gay man he wanted to be private, which is fair enough.

However inappropriate expenses is particularly inappropriate for a government axe man.

I suspect he will be replaced by another (neo) liberal, keen to cut the public sector and feed all which is market based and corporate.

I think we are in for a good five years of a government that while appearing a little to the centre will move the UK in an even more capital friendly direction, shrinking the public sector, crushing trade unions and opposing things like open source/free software.

The weak will suffer, the rich will gain....although the Capital Gains Tax reform does appear to be a socialist exception from a government of the right.

Chris Huhne will take up David Laws post, apparently.


weggis said...

I seem to recall reading that the Tories are in favour of open source free software.
Oh yes here it is.

Derek Wall said...

Digital Bill?

Adrian Cruden said...

Supposedly, multi-millionaire landlord Huhne is what passes for green in the Lib dem establishment these days...I guess all things are relative!

Mr Andy C said...

Danny Alexander has got the post. I don't have much sympathy for laws. He had every right to keep his sexuality secret, he could have done this by not claiming living expenses. He is a millionaire, he doesn't need the money.

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