26 May 2010

What do I want for my birthday?l

Well half way to ninety today and have dozens of happy birthday greetings on my facebook.....and of course as a cyclist I am happy with each new birthday particularly!

Slightly dodgy birthday because I got back home to find, not a surprise party and extra cake but an electricity blackout, apparently a vast swathe of Warfield, Ascot and Winkfield has been in the dark because of a problem with a sub-station at Chavey Down.

in 1993 I spent my birthday in the cells of the Bristol cops because of a bit direct action at Golden Hill in a Tescos/greenfield protest....so I am not complaining about a bit of non electricity compared to being imprisoned.

Anyway otherwise, great birthday, nice presents and lots of greetings from all over the world.....but if you want to give me a present link to Intercontinental Cry and take action http://intercontinentalcry.org/call-on-authorities-in-brazil-to-protect-the-guarani-people/

Material goods are so last century and indigenous struggle to protect tierra madre is so this millenium....so make the link


luna17 said...

Happy birthday Derek. A well-chosen picture for this post, I must say. Here's to another year of tireless campaigning and blogging.

Stuart Jeffery said...

Happy birthday Derek!

Keep up your great campaigning.


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