7 May 2010

Demand democracy demo tomorrow

Take Back Parliament, a movement by
charities, think tanks and pressure groups to demand a new voting system that
will put an end to broken elections and properly represent the views of the
British people. The coalition believes our 'winner takes all'
first-past-the-post voting system is bust beyond repair, and is calling for a
fairer system of representation where seats in Parliament are allocated
according to the number of votes parties receive. Members include Avaaz, Bassac,
Compass, Democracy Matters, Ekklesia, Electoral Reform Society, Enoughs Enough,
The Fawcett Society, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Hang em, Make My Vote
Count, OBV, Open Democracy, NEF, Power 2010, Social Liberal Forum, Unlock
Democracy, and Vote for a Change. For more information and to sign the petition
visit http://www.takebackparliament.com .

Demonstration on Saturday 2pm Trafalgar Square
and in other cities - see website.

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