16 May 2010

Caroline Lucas MP to speak at Greek solidarity meeting

She has already been amazing and we are just into week two.

Great to be able to use the phrase 'Green Party MP' or even Green Left MP....worth all the hours so many of us put in delivering leaflets and knocking on doors in Brighton.

The meeting is on 26th May is with Tony Benn and the counterfire crew..

7pm, Wednesday 26 May
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1
Speakers include:

Tony Benn
Caroline Lucas MP
Christos Giovanopoulos coalition of the Radical Left SYRIZA • Aris Vasilopoulos SYRIZA • Penny White BASSA • Paul Mackney fmr general secretary NATFHE • Clare Solomon president-elect, University of London Union • John Rees Counterfire • Michael Bradley Right to Work Campaign

You can download the leaflet here.

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