Democracy is not what we have at present...

I suggest as many people as possible put posters in their windows calling for electoral reform. Here's what I put on my election-era blog about it (

Just had this from Anne Gray, Green Party candidate for Tottenham

Please cascade some version of this message to all your friends and ask them to do the same.

Love and peace


We need electoral reform!

Our broken ‘first past the post’ system has failed to deliver the Parliament people dared to hope for.
The breakdown:
Tories 36% of vote, 47% of the seats.
Labour 29%of vote, 40 % of the seats.
Lib Dem; 23% of vote, 9% of the seats.
Greens – 8.7% of the vote when it’s PR like in the Euro elections, only 1% in the general election 2010, and only one MP out of 650!
See and sign the petition for a fair voting system!
See for a downloadable poster demanding voting reform.
Or construct your own from the following words – edit as you please….


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