7 May 2010

Tories are already split

Tory MPs are dissenting with many rejecting electoral reform as a precondition for a coalition with Lib Dems.

And with the failure of the Ulster Unionists (now part of the Conservatives) to win a single seat in Northern Ireland, the Conservatives opportunity to build a stable majority looks in doubt.

So I am guessing it will be a Conservative minority government, which will make John Major's last Conservative government back in the 1980s appear stable and strong.

So looks like the Conservatives but probably not for long.....

However could be lib dems/labour government with support for proportional represtation.....doesn't look very stable either.

Clegg has said he won't support second party (labour) but his policies seem too distant from Cameron....but since when have policies got in the way of the pursuit of power!

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