General Election: Tories by a whisker?

The big exit poll suggests the Lib Dems will lose seats, from 62 to 59.....shocking if true because they are likely to get a higher percentage than last time....according to all the previous polls. Electoral Reform is needed, doubt that it will be achieved.

Tories 307 but they need to 326 to rule.

Labour 255.

Things to watch.

1) Northern Ireland, the Ulster Unionists are now re-married to the Tories, currently on zero, will they take seats or will the DUP allign with the Tories?

2) Tactical voting, will this help Labour and the Lib dems?

3) West Midlands, lots of key marginals that could go Tory?

4) Will the people I like like Caroline Lucas, Salma Yaqoob, other Greens like Adrian Ramsay in Norwhcih or the independent Socialist in Blaneau

5) Scotland and Wales look to be rebounding for Labour.

So I am still scratching my head, sadly could be Tories by a whisker?

Right off to the count now, will report back later!


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