26 Jan 2007

End Torture

had this, hope it is of interest.

Dear Derek,

I am writing to inform you about a new anti torture campaign – End Torture (www.endtorture,net) – launched by Citizens for Global Solutions, a Washington DC based NGO working on foreign policy issues. I was very interested and encouraged when I was reading your blog and came across the article on torture. With the new Congress and Democratic majority, the time has surely come for elected leaders to step up to the plate and address this issue effectively, and time will tell if this does indeed happen.

For that reason, I wanted to let you know about our recently launched End Torture Campaign, which calls for the creation of an Independent Bipartisan Commission on Interrogation to bring experts together to critically investigate the use of torture as a U.S. interrogation strategy. We believe we are at a critical juncture, not only with a Democratic majority in the new congress, but also with widespread dissatisfaction over Bush administration foreign policy increasingly dividing the Republican party on key issues such as interrogation policy and rendition.

This campaign is arranged around a website that is primarily a petition (once somebody adds their name, three e-letters are sent – one to their representative in the House and one each to both of their Senators). The site also includes background information, links to other organizations and regular updates, as well as how people in local communities across the country can get involved and help strengthen our efforts and capacity.

I hope this campaign will help bolster the efforts of other organizations and individuals such as you working tirelessly on this issue, and will hopefully help facilitate some pragmatic solutions. I am also very interested in the work of the Green Party in England and Wales (I’m actually from Sheffield!) and congratulate you on the work that you are doing on key environmental issues.

In the meantime thank you for taking the time to read this message and please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to chat about any aspect of this campaign.

Warm Regards,

Tom Moran

Outreach and Advocacy Fellow
Citizens for Global Solutions
418 7th Street SE
Washington, DC 20003
202-546-3950 x 121

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