28 Jan 2007

Resisting the big brother eviction

"Although we won the first battle we still have a fight on our hands. But I bet the Big Brother household will have the first eviction before us."

Well don't forget to rip up your juice contracts to save the lakes from the electricity company Npower who plan to fill with ash.

The Radley Lake Squatters are dug in and defending the lakes, I say, good for them...there is so much ecospin, good to see some solid eco action for a change...go on lib dems and cameroons, make my day and come out and support the squatters!

But (this is from EF!AU) on the 24th Jan Npower got the court agreement to shift the protesters 24.01.2007

today the oxford courts found in favour of npower and have granted immediate possesion of Sandles. A call out to anyone to come down and bring cake and lock on tubes!
Call the site mobile 0777 2055 384

Squatters include veterans from Newbury anti-road protest, have discussed this kind of direct action in my book on Earth First!
and done a little bit myself!
Lets be clear the Green Party of England and Wales believes that direct action as well as electoral activity is part of the process for liberating the Earth and humanity...


PB501 We do not believe that there is only one way to change society, or that we have all the answers. We seek to be part of a wider green movement that works for these principles through a variety of means. We generally support those who use reasonable and non-violent forms of direct action to further just aims.

PB502 Our beliefs will bring us into conflict with those committed to material affluence, the accumulation of power and the unsustainable exploitation of the Earth. We are always ready to negotiate with those who oppose us, and seek fair settlements that respect their needs for security, self esteem and freedom of choice.

PB503 We will even work with those who disagree with us where sufficient common ground can be found to do so. However, we do not seek power at any price, and will withdraw our support if we are asked to make irreversible or fundamental compromises.

More from the Oxford Times here
The campaign to save Radley Lakes from dumping was launched in 2005 by Save Radley Lakes. Although distancing itself from the squatters' activities, SRL supports the action because it will delay the power company's scheme.

The squatters have praised local residents for the "wonderful" support they have received in supplies.

Kelly Brown, of RWE npower, said: "It is our view that the squatters are occupying the house illegally. So far the occupation has not impacted on the programme at Thrupp Lake, but we need to gain access and start work. We want to get cracking by early spring, because we are entering a crucial time as birds prepare to nest."

Well Kelly is keen to get in there and steal the birds nesting places but Matt Morton from the Greens is keen to preserve their habitat:

Matt Morton,
Oxford Green Party member and environmental activist commented after
visiting Radley Lakes activist camp:

'This weekend I went to visit the Radley Lakes, which has just welcomed
a small dedicated group of activists in a last ditch attempt to stop
N-powers’ atmospheric- polluting-inefficient power-station in Didcot
from pumping fly ash into the last of its ecologically rich water bodies.
This has reminded me of how interconnected everything is: that the agents of
Climate Change are also the same agents of habitat and species loss.
That by working to limit climate change we will necessarily assist in the
preservation of our planets biodiversity.'


Anonymous said...

Bombard the npower CEO, Any Duff, with email. His address is:


Bodders said...

The proposed destruction of Radley Lakes in Oxfordshire by energy giant RWE npower is one of the scandals of our age. Local communities are fighting to save the site, despite widespread gagging injunctions being served by npower. But as the legal processes churn on, npower has begun to destroy Thrupp Lake. In the last few days it has temporarily halted the destruction for the nesting season. Protesters are now trying to raise the profile of their campaign through a petition on the No 10 website.

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Stop foreign-owned utility companies from ruining the British countryside"

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