13 Jan 2007

Green Party Executive today

Spent most of the day at the Green party Executive meeting, its funny for me. As Principal Speaker along with Sian, we can both talk to stuff and take part but we are not allowed to vote. A pleasing bit of anarchy which prevents the supposedly charasmatic from actually voting...I hope this will stay.

The best part of the day was catching up with Tim Summers, who is the campaigns person on gpex and very dynamic and talking to Khalid Hussenbux, he deals with finance...we discussed how to outreach to other muslims like Khalid and he told me he is keen to talk to anyone about sufism and Islam which is good news.

Fairly civilised, passions rarely rise to the surface and consensus is the rule....bit boring at times, though. Meetings, meetings

Must think about the green budget, toying with the idea of filming my pretend Gordon Brown speech, drinking a dram half way through, rolling back PFIs and balancing green taxes with real redistribution....some measures for a self-managed non corporate economy have to start somewhere....restoring council housing, etc, etc.

Got home to spend some time with my sons, my eldest discussed the vitues of V for Vendetta, free film down loads and the weaknesses of the Five Doctors which we watched.

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a very public sociologist said...

Lol Derek, as co-speaker you're supposed to inspire interest in the Greens. Even if fireworks didn't happen at gpex, manufacture a dispute! Bring excitement back into radical politics! ;)

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