5 Jan 2007

Today's letter in the Guardian

I waiting for the government to get into a bidding war with us about how green they are....I think this could be a long wait, unfortunately.

Here is our letter in the Guardian today

David Miliband's wish to make New Labour the "natural home of the green crusader" (Comment, Society, January 3) sounds a little hollow in a week when rail fares are pricing commuters into the air. Tony Blair claims climate change is the most important threat we face, but meanwhile his ministers are sanctioning a huge wave of airport expansion, letting gas-guzzlers off the hook and making a mess of supporting renewable energy development and public transport. The failure to act consistently has not been due to lack of public concern, but the utterly muted reaction of the political establishment to the concern around them.
Siân Berry and Derek Wall
Principal speakers, Green party

1 comment:

weggis said...

Great. Now get it published in the Mirror, Sun and Sport. Then the Telegraph, Mail, Express and Times.

And don't forget to change the language to address the target audience. Can you speak "Chav"? Can you speak "Blue rinse"?

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