14 Jan 2007

Green glass?

Crucially, recycling glass reduces the need for energy-intensive quarrying of silica and lime. For every tonne of recycled glass used, 1.2 tonnes of raw material is preserved. Besides, glass recycles beautifully precisely because it contains such simple materials. It can be turned back into jars and bottles using the minimum of energy except - and herein lies the problem - if it's green glass. Because the UK is a prolific wine importer but produces very little wine, traditionally more green bottles have been left sitting on the wall than we have use forThey used to be piled up in green-glass mountains and shipped to South America for reprocessing, but now they are crushed and used as aggregate in road building.

Lucy Siegle writes about why glass recycling matters today in the Observer.

Back when I was in primary school bottles could be returned and a pence or two claimed back, this is even better than smashing them up first.

Bottle banks, reformism?

Keeping them, buying a capping machine and brewings one's own beer or if you are a non drinker lemonade would be good too.

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