7 Jan 2007

vegan lunchbox

If you think vegan lunchtime means peanut butter and jelly day after day, think again! From the simple to the sublime, Vegan Lunch Box brings you an amazing array of entirely meat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free lunches.

Transform how you look at lunchtime forever, with…

* Complete, well-balanced menus to help you pack nutritious, irresistible lunches.
* Quick lunches that are ready in a flash.
* Easy recipes that older kids can make themselves.
* Exciting themed lunches for special occasions.
* Adventurous lunches made with foods from around the world

This is from vegan lunch box com

Whats my line on the Vegan Lunchbox blog? This is tough....I mean political Islam, how to create prosperity with a no growth economy, how to bring about a green Britain...all easy compared to this.

Well, its an ideology of anti-feminist house wifery, this women is a slave to children who she makes twee lunch boxes for, its the family as an Althusserian tool of state ideological repression....its so twee.

AND YET veganism is subversive, this is from the land of KFC and the big Mac, so the fact of its huge fame must be good.

Today with my kids I made them porridge, home made bread, vegan pasta with chilli, etc....the worms are going from strength to strength....they (Larry, Peter and Vincent Wall...not the 5,000 tiger worms) eat school dinners, jamie oliver has eliminated all chips from the local comprehensive and the primary round here, so no need for boxes!

Does the vegan lunch box blog lady have a worm bin? does she send the kids out to put the vegan lunch box scraps in it?

do they eat it or just dump the stuff and buy a burger in their lunch hour?

Does she understand the corporate ideology behind breakfast cereals?

I mean I like working person's dread food of a tasty high fat variety, in other words ital food...jamaican patties full of good ness from the garden with a large plate of chips and gravy...biscuits with non dairy icing, ho hum.

any way competition commission report on tescopoly tomorrow, will they take action...does lunch box blogger get her ingredients from Walmart.

Food = politics....what's my line on vegan housewifery, is it innately anti-women or does it liberate animals?

Oh I don't know...the links are great and even the meat eaters I love and cherish have been eating my vegan christmas nut loaves....this will run and run.

I am deeply conflicted...

Are the Animals count party funded by some big corporate vegan backers to split the green vote and let the fox hunting vivesectors take control of the Welsh Assembly?

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Anonymous said...

For more on the politics of veganism and women visit this excellent site

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