15 Jan 2007

Kidnapping Joschka: AGW reviews the Edukators

The Edu

Watched the Edukatorsyesterday, which was great fun, I am not sure whether the political conclusion is to vote conservative or join the CPGB/Weekly Worker. Its I suppose conservative, saying that youth loses its radicalism and anti-anarchist in that direct action of a spectacular kinds is just playing (don't write in if you are an anarchist I know its not all art attacks and kidnapping!)

Three young anti-capitalists end up kidnapping by mistake a middle aged German, who then charms them with his tales of his summer of free love and anarchy before becoming an establishment figure at the heart of German government. Bloody hell! its Joschka_Fischer.

Seriously watch its interesting and political and it will remind you of anyone you have ever lived with in a squat, commune or bedsit.

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