30 Jan 2007

Support the strike!

I took industrial action as a university teacher and a tough experience it turned out to be even though I only work part time for them...more of this in my diaries in 2046.

Here is my statement in support of the PCS! More here
Derek Wall, Green Party Principal Speaker, said "The people going on strike do so to defend the services we all take for granted. They aren't high flying mandarins or faceless bureaucrats, but hard working ordinary people.

"Massive job cuts, low pay, privatisation, office closures, worsening working conditions and plummeting morale mean that the PCS will go on a one-day strike tomorrow - and they have the Green Party's support."

The selected day is the deadline for self assessment tax returns. It will be followed up by a two week overtime ban. The strike will impact on more than 200 government departments.

Derek Wall also highlighted misdirected government spending on the Iraq war and replacement of Trident, and emphasised the need for civil service managers to take seriously the concerns of its membership.

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