11 Jan 2007


Excellent article here from the socialist unity site on Somalia written by an Ethiopian socialist.

On this subnect Tim Summers has sent me this.

Wednesday 7th Feb, Green Party protest against Trident assembling at 1pm on
Parliament Square at the peacecamp opposite St Stephens Gate, 2pm to follow
Caroline Lucas MEP to the Defence Ministry, Whitehall where she will seek
dialogue with the Defence Minister, as we face Downing Street opposite. 3pm
approx, disperse or tarry at the Lord of the Moon pub, Whitehall.

Saturday 24th February, 12 noon near Speakers Corner, Hyde Park for a strong
Green contingent on the "No Trident - Troops Out of Iraq and Afghanistan" demonstration
march called jointly by CND and Stop the War Coalition. This will be large.

I hope we can raise something of the high Green visibility of November's Climate Change event. Please seek to mobilise your branch members and bring its banner if you have one. 5,000 A5 leaflets and Green Party placards will be available,(or make your own) and I look forward to seeing you on 7th and 24th February!
Tim Summers,
Campaigns Coordinator for the Green Party.

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