npower and better energy

A contributer writes.....

To my shame, I used to work for npower (albeit in the renewables division) and they are the biggest bunch of sharks you will ever encounter. Regarding 'tearing up your npower contract', the best approach is as follows:

1) Switch supplier, to either Ecotricity or Good Energy, neither of which invest a penny in fossil or nuclear generation.

2) Write a letter to Andy Duff, RWE npower's CEO. He's based at their Swindon HQ. Address is:

RWE Npower
Trigonos Building
Windmill Hill Business Park
Whitehill Way
Wilts SN5 6PB

thanks for this info!


Seeker said…
We're already with Ecotricity, but can anyone recommend an alternative gas supplier? They all seem to be fairly evil. Not having gas isn't an option for us right now, unfortunately.
tim said…
Hey Derek. If you haven't yet, see Mumia Abu-Jamal's latest if you haven't yet on 'How the Forces of Capital Got Us Where We Are'
Anonymous said…
Re an alternative gas supplier, Equigas is your best bet. Its a small and independent not-for-profit supplier. They use Scottish & Southern's billing and customer service facilities but its still the nearest you can get to sticking two fingers up to the big suppliers.

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