10 Feb 2007


George Bush should resist a Wagnerian exit from the White House.

“WE ARE not planning for a war with Iran.” So said Robert Gates, America's new defence secretary, on February 2nd. You cannot be much clearer than that. With a weak and isolated president, and an army bogged down in the misery of Iraq, the American Congress and people are hardly in fighting mood. Nonetheless, and despite Mr Gates's calming words, Iran and America are heading for a collision. Although the risk is hard to quantify, there exists a real possibility that George Bush will order a military strike on Iran some time before he leaves the White House two years from now.

Here we go again, the build up is like the build up to the invasion of Iraq, wmds, wmds, wmds...oops disaster....600,000 dead and counting in Iraq, rapture here we come in Persia.

Even the Economist (see above)who supported the invasion of Iraq over WDMs, is resisting this war, we must make it politically too costly for the US to attack Iran.

this is from Jo Abbess...

dear fellow human,

i am writing to ask you to do all that
you can to save iran from air attack :-


i know you want to save your family
and friends from terror.

stop the war : start the peace :-


24 february 2007 : hyde park, london.
all day and into the night...

maybe later air attacks will be made
illegal. for now, we have to protest.

please pass this message on.

one. we're all one.


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