8 Feb 2007

Lets make Brian Haw our new prime minister

Lets make Brian Haw our new prime minister, I know he is a bit religious and has met David Icke (mad,bad..uninteresting to know) but we need some ethical leadership which is not going to come from any New Labourite least of all Gordon Brown.

I wrote the above a few weeks ago. I

A few weeks later, go into a fight with him over the megaphone at the demonstration during the parliamentary vote on Iraq. With Brian telling me 'don't fuck about..get on with it', I in reply suggested to Brian politely that I rarely 'fuck about, I like to think about what I am going to shout through the megaphone before I shout it.

It all came out a bit ranty with Brian urging me on!

Any way everyone seems to know the news that he won the Channel 4 political award, we went along last night to the awards which will be shown on saturday at 7pm.

Even managed to get a seat, Chris Bryant MP didn't turn up so I borrowed his place. Nice to discuss Chavez with John Snow, talk about green snp possibilities with various Scottish political figures and discuss the heritage of Islam with David Davies!

I also quizzed Austin Mitchell about monetary reform, he is a supporter but I think I alarmed him with the discussion!

Guido Fawkes was very civil to us Greens, indeed everybody seems to be taken us a tiny bit more seriously which is good.

The night was one where the parliamentary road lost to the ranty direct action voice of dissent.

Brian made an excellent speech against genocidal war.

Would be nice to see Tony Greenstein (despite the green socialist voting splitting) or Mumia Abu-Jamal up for these awards but hey it's not going to happen, in this country that had an incomplete transition from feudalism..

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weggis said...

Don't you want the job?

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