1 Feb 2007

Sea Shepherd; Eco terrorists I like

The president of a militant anti-whaling group has vowed to "do whatever it takes" to disrupt a Japanese fleet planning to harpoon nearly 1,000 whales in the waters off Antarctica.
Sea Shepherd, notorious for its aggressive tactics, has two ships and one helicopter stalking the Japanese vessels in the Ross Sea, south-east of Australia. Japan, which has been whaling in the area since mid-December, aims to catch up to 935 minke whales and 10 endangered fin whales this summer, supposedly for scientific research purposes.
The Canadian-based conservation group, which Japan has denounced as an "eco-terrorist" organisation, is promising a major confrontation. But first it has to find the fleet, which it says is using a new satellite tracking system to elude it.
Sea Shepherd has offered a $25,000 (£13,000) reward to anyone who can provide the ships' coordinates. It has also appealed to the New Zealand government, whose air force has filmed the fleet, it believes. But it has not yet received "anything conclusive", Paul Watson, the group's president and founder said yesterday.

great article on Sea Shephard's campaign under the good Captain Paul Watson to sink the whalers in the Independent today


peter said...

Sea Shepherd is kewl. I'd definitely join them if I ever became a fugitive from justice.

Skipper Paul said...

We are not a Canadian based group we are an American group. While I am Canadian I apologize to all Canadians for being mentioned as one of them. Canada does not want to be associated with our organization and I cannot really blame them.

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