27 Feb 2007

Reverend Billy calls for Northern Ireland Green Party vote

Envy, the Northern Ireland Greens (who are linked to Greens in Scotland, Ireland and the GPEW), put us to shame....I did an election visit for the last assembly elections, which involved some canvassing North Belfast protestant housing estates for the remarkable Peter Emerson and some work with Dr John Barry (slickest green politician on the planet).

here on you tube they have an election broadcast from the Rev Billy, this will confuse people....a Billy indeed a Reverend William campaigning for the Greens, some mixed symbols indeed.

A bit localist for my taste but the Reverend's campaign record is stunning!

1 comment:

Liam said...

The character is useful and entertaining but here he misses the point completely. This election is the utter victory of Paisleyism and British imperialism over a defeated national liberation movement. On this occasion it would have been better if he'd remained silent.

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