9 Feb 2007

Radley Lake ecosquatters evicted

I was sad to hear this

green politics is served by direct action against the forces of destruction, I am so sad, protesters protest and often lose a battle but their efforts must be cheered on by all of us who simply want a future for our children.

A rather scary women with Brian Haw at the politics awards (ch 4) told me that his demand for peace was 'not revolutionery', I told her that sadly all the common sense/decent demands for enough to eat and a future for our planet, the non killing of kids were 'revolutionery'

She ticked me off, quite annoyed and walked off happy she had won the argument.

I persist, the revolutionery eco protesters just want to save some lakes but hey despite everyone apparently saying how green they are, the real greens get busted by the cops once again!

Well in the spirit of Captain Paul Watson....lets all keep on keeping on.

Any way FCUK npower, change your contract, tell them why and keep resisting ...may be just may be the lakes can still be saved.

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