10 Feb 2007

Paul Watson defends Sea Shepherd against the japanese whalers

Canada cancelled the registration of the Farley Mowat in August 2006. Registration under the Belize Flag was cancelled after only 10 days in December 2006, after Japan had requested the ship be deregistered. The British Government has said the registration of the Robert Hunter will expire on the 18th February, after a request by Japan based on the use of the ship. This makes both Sea Shepherd vessels effectively "pirate ships" with no state registration. An irony considering that both vessels purport to be upholding international law and treaties to which no State has been willing to also enforce other than through ineffective diplomatic approaches.

"We haven't broken any law or regulation, but now we're not registered anywhere -- we're technically a pirate ship without a flag," said Captain Paul Watson from the Farley Mowat. "It means that we could be attacked and confiscated at will by any nation including the Japanese," he said.

More here from the good Captain

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beehive maiden said...

I'm so glad you posted about Sea Shepherd's efforts. Someone very dear to me is out there now to document this struggle between the Japanese whalers and Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace (when they finally get there anyway). This issue has become very important to me. I hope folks go to the Sea Shepherd website (www.seashepherd.org) and do whatever they can to help - even if only to send Sea Shepherd's headquarters some office supplies! I applaud you for getting the word out in your blog. Thank you!

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