23 Jan 2008

Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Conference
Saturday 9th February 2008
University of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY
Speakers include: Mark Serwotka, Michael Meacher, Matt Wrack, Frances O'Grady, Caroline Lucas, Tony Kearns, John McDonnell

Climate Change is the most serious threat facing humanity. As the earth's temperature rises, millions of people face the devastating consequences of increasingly unpredictable and worsening weather.

Trade Unions have always been at the forefront of the fight for social change, and this conference will discuss exactly what change is needed to limit Global Warming and how Trade Unionists can play their part in this struggle.

Leading figures from the Trade Union and environmental movements will speak at a series of workshops and plenary sessions, to discuss Carbon Trading, Greening the Workplace, Alternative energy, Building Sustainable Cities and Transport, and the role of Global Treaties beyond Kyoto.

Delegate fees are £10 per person.

Download the agenda/booking form here:


More information from Martin Empson, 0795 853 5231 or email CCCTU@hotmail.com

Speakers include: Mark Serwotka (General Secretary PCS), Matt Wrack (General Secretary FBU), Frances O'Grady (Dep. General Secretary TUC), Christine Blower (Dep. General Secretary NUT), Michael Meacher MP, Caroline Lucas MEP, John McDonnell MP, Tony Kearns (Deputy General Secretary CWU), Larry Lohmann (Corner House), Catt Hobbs (Transport 2000), Nick Rau (Friends of the Earth), Hilary Wainwright, Caroline Molloy (TUC Green Workplaces Project leader), Amrit Srivastava (India Resource Centre), Jane Loftus (President CWU), Elaine Graham-Leigh (Respect), Dr. Derek Wall (Green Party), Jonathan Neale (Campaign Against Climate Change).

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merrick said...

I found it peculiar that leaflets for this conference included people from trade unions who sponsor Flying Matters, the aviation industry body who opposed Climate Campers in the media this summer.

There's an interesting dilemma for the trade union movement in responding to climate change. Their priority is their members jobs, which often means defending unsustainable industries.

During the Climate Camp the airline pilots union BALPA had spokespeople in the meida making outrageous climate-denial allegations. In doing so, they hope to protect their members jobs, even if it is at the expense of people drowning in Bangladesh.

But the thing is, those jobs are not only grossly irresponsible, they're doomed.

As I said here, even without carbon taxes, peak oil is coming some time in the next couple of decades. Totally reliant on colossal quantities of cheap oil with no alternative fuel, no industry will be hit as swiftly and completely as mass aviation.

Today’s mass aviation pilots are the last generation of their profession. The employers they so stoutly defend will drop them like the proverbial hot bricks.

Denying climate change's seriousness and aviation's contribution is not only dishonest, it's a betrayal of their members interests.

If they don’t want their members to suffer like Yorkshire’s mining communities have since the 1980s then BALPA, along with other aviation lobbyist unions like the T&G, Amicus and the GMB, should be looking at a just transition. I hope you'll challenge them about this, Derek.

They should be calling for a scaling back of aviation and the retraining of their members into new jobs that have a long-term future and that are meaningful, worthwhile and hopefully socially beneficial.

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