8 Jan 2008

A not so gay bishop

The Dalai Lama is apparently still attacking same sex unions with a load of frankly nonsense arguments that suggest that some one picked up the wrong baby and the real Dalai Lama is a bus driver in Camden or or a physics Professor in Cairo (with a deeper understanding of real compassion).

I must admit with general over work my Zen practice has been a bit sparse but this kind of thing really annoys me. I don't think God cares which gender we fuck, not that I or other Buddhists believe in God! In the non God 'religion' or 'practice' known as Buddhism, there is no supernatural authority figure. The Buddha, himself, famously noted 'Doubt Everything!' and praised reason. The Buddha's words are what is left of them after the washing of the tide of 1,000s years of history are to be treated rationally.

And did he condemn homosexuality. The answer is no.

Also why don't we get a women Dalai Lama?

I watched a television interview with the Dalai Lama in Vancouver last night when asked if he supported homosexuality he clearly stated I am a Buddhist we are like the Christians we do not support same sex unions. There were no apologizes for the statement it simply was what it was. I should add he also stated he had no problem with people who were not Buddhist being homosexual.

So where did that leave me a gay woman who leaned heavily towards the Buddhist teachings should I now throw all that out the window because I didn’t fit anymore?

Is that what has happened with Gay Catholics or Christians?

I have enormous respect for the Dalai Lama he is a very wise man and I respect his faith. I get the man and woman put on the earth to make babies argument. The Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. And I won’t throw away the teachings within the Buddhist faith that have helped me shape my life.
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I must admit some of this looks a bit flaky to me 'The Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve', is rather homophobic and does not seem to make sense, unless you are against all non procreative sex...wait a minute the Dalai Lama is against all sex, straight or gay, that does not produce babies.

the Dalai Lama explicitly condemns homosexuality, as well as all oral and anal sex. His stand is close to that of Pope John Paul II, something his Western followers find embarrassing and prefer to ignore. His American publisher even asked him to remove the injunctions against homosexuality from his book, ''Ethics for the New Millennium,'' for fear they would offend American readers, and the Dalai Lama acquiesced. from


Chris Hyland said...

I remember an interview with him in the Big Issue a while back where he said he had no problem with gay sex. I can't remember exactly what he said but I can probably get hold of a copy.

Derek Wall said...

Hi Chris,

I would be interested to see that, I think famously the problem is 'cultural' not religious, it does seem a shame when people who are committed to a religious practice have to suffer lots of conflict when that practice seems to proclaim intolerent views.

There are big debates as to whether in scripture the religions of the book Islam, Judaism and Christianity are homophobic..this debate should not occur in Buddhism!

The Buddha was not a homophobe

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is mainly with Tibetain traditions. Major works, such as Shantideva's Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life, were written by monks, for monks when Tibet had huge monasteries. Hence, this and other ideas of sexual misconduct seem to be more about keeping order with these institutions than essential teaching. Further, some teachings show a complete lack of practical biological application!

Derek Wall said...

Hi Steve,

I suspect what you say is correct, it is a shame it gives grief and conflict to gay and lesbian Buddhists, its not in the teachings.

Zen has a better record on sexual politics, despite some cultural baggage, however don't mention the war!

go on tell us about the unrealistic biological assumptions, I am curious!

Anonymous said...

Apparently for a man to climax more than 13 times in one night is sexual misconduct!

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