24 Jan 2008

Protest with me about Gaza!

I will be attending on saturday see you there and spread the word!

Thousands of Palestinians flock into Egypt after border fence blasted

Demonstration and Candlelight Vigil: End the Siege on Gaza
Saturday, 26 January 2008, 16:00—18:00
Opposite 10 Downing Street , London (tube Westminster )

Friends of Lebanon is a proud supporter of the End the Gaza Siege Campaign. Collective punishment is being inflicted upon the Palestinians for voting for a government against the wishes of Israel , the US and the EU. The Fatah-Hamas conflict is an internal political issue for the Palestinians. The solution to this conflict should not be violently imposed by foreign states. Call on the British government to end its collusion with these policies, which have resulted in the imprisonment of 1.5 million Gazans whose lives are being deliberately and ruthlessly destroyed by denied access to food, electricity, clean water supplies and medical treatment.

The International Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza has declared 26 January a day of international solidarity with Palestine . Please join us at Downing Street this Saturday, 26 January, from 16:00—18:00 to show your support for Palestine .

Monday, 21 January. Palestinian UN observer Ryad Mansour recommended the 15-member UN Security Council adopt a resolution demanding that Israel lift "its crippling, cruel siege on the Palestinian civilian population."

Tuesday, 22 January. There are signs that public pressure works. The strong international reaction and warnings of a humanitarian crisis have pressured Israel into allowing a one-off delivery of basic fuel and medicine into Gaza . But we must keep up the pressure to end the military siege and to encourage political solutions to the crisis in Palestine.

Join us in calling on our government to call for
an end to the siege of Gaza immediately!

RAFAH, (PIC)-- Thousands of Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip flocked into Egypt at dawn Wednesday after unknown armed men blasted holes in the border fence separating the Strip from the Egyptian Sinai peninsula.
Eyewitnesses said that tens of armed men planted explosive devices in separate parts of the border fence and blasted them.
They noted that big portions of the border fence, built by the Israeli forces before withdrawal from the Strip, collapsed as hundreds penetrated into the Egyptian city of Rafah to buy badly needed goods and medicine.
The witnesses pointed out that tens of Palestinians who were stranded at the Egyptian side of the border for many months were able to return to Gaza without any obstacles.
The incident followed Tuesday's demonstration in which thousands of Palestinian women and children headed to the Rafah terminal demanding its immediate opening to allow treatment of the sick and wounded and to allow entry of food supplies to the besieged Strip. The Egyptian border guards used water cannons to disperse them but they managed to break into the Rafah border point before returning to Gaza.

Further details: www.palestinecampaign.org; www.endgazasiege.net

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