27 Jan 2008

Satellite 'the size of a bus' could crash to Earth

I saw two shooting stars last night
I wished on them, but they were only satellites
Its wrong to wish on space hardware

A US military satellite the size of a small bus is set to hit the Earth sometime in February or March we are told today. These people are maniacs, the world's hyper power has invaded space, yes I am sure satellites have all sorts of essential uses but like sex they should be safe. This one obviously was not fitted with protection.

And it is for military use.

The US is keen to establish missile defence systems in Britain at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire is planned as a key node in this system. Eventually we could see nuclear weapons in space or killer satellites. Short term policy objectives of a state drunk on its own power could lead to the colonisation of space and our immediate global atmosphere.

So hopefully it will burn up, the US military may try to shoot it down...so not only will we have to duck a piece of molten melt the size of a routemaster, we may have to look for missiles that go astray as well.

Then we have Richard Branson's tourist space rockets for bored billionaires...space is for the rich and militarists.

Any way the Telegraph report:
weighing as much as 20,000lb (9,000kg) and the size of a bus. It is believed to contain hydrazine, a common rocket fuel, which is hazardous to humans.

This is not the first time a large man-made satellite has de-powered and crashed uncontrollably in to the atmosphere. The largest was in 1979, when Skylab, a 78-ton abandoned space station, lost control and fell from orbit.

It fell apart on re-entry, with the debris crashing harmlessly into the Indian Ocean and across an uninhabited part of Western Australia.


A Very Public Sociologist said...

If Virgin Galactic means Branson and a few of his cronies get stuck in orbit, I'm all for it ;)

Derek Wall said...

wait till they fall out of the sky over Staffordshire!

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