30 Jan 2008

US health care on the way: NHS to be closed by Brown

Dr Derek Wall has condemned the takeover the United Health Europe of three doctors surgeries in London

'Gordon Brown's obssession with free market economics will unless halted led to the end of the NHS. Your local surgery is under
threat from US based 'health' corporations or even perhaps Asda! PFI has been an expensive disaster and while the plan is to cut costs, the long term
consequences as shown by the US experience is rising bills and a falling service. Gordon Brown governs for corporations and is acceleration the erosion
of the public service ethos. From Nick Clegg's call for imaginative reforms to the Thatcherite traditions that still under pin Cameron's conservativism, there is a
three party consensus emerging that threatens the survival of one of Britain's greatest institutions; the NHS.

The Green Party is the only major political party which pledges to keep the NHS in the hands of the public and way from the reach of short term profit mongers'

GREEN PARTY TRADE UNION GROUP STATEMENT 30/01/2008 The Green Party Trade Union Group is extremely concerned to learn that (as reported in the Evening Standard: 28/1/2008), a private American health firm (United Health Europe) has won control of three GP surgeries in London. We fear that this is the first step in an attempt to privatise primary health care in the UK. We believe that this is being done without any proper consultation with the citizens of the UK, who as stakeholders are the true owners of the National Health Service. We also fear that this paves the way to monopolistic malpractice and profiteering if it allows pharmaceutical and retail conglomerates such as Boots and Tesco to have any control over the salaries, judgements and activities of GP’s and other primary health providers We pledge our full support to opposition this disgraceful step and any others like it by GPs, patient and pensioner groups, and trade unions in the health sector. We call on Green Party spokespersons nationally, locally and regionally to promptly issue public statements condemning this privatisation and call open the Green Party press office to give such statement maximum promotion. We further call on the forthcoming spring conference of the GP to pass an emergency motion along the lines stated above. (ends)

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weggis said...

When are you going to realise that we don't have and never have had a "free market".

A couple of posts later you refer to Corporatism - that's what we've got! And it ain't "Captialism" either!

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