27 Jan 2008

Electoral Commission rule on RESPECT name

The description that candidates can use on election ballot is strictly controlled in the UK after candidates pissed off the Liberal Democrats by standing as 'Literal Democrats' and 'New Labour' damaging official Bliar Party. The electoral commission appear to have given the RESPECT name to Respect renewed...I am sure this will run and run, causing much confusion.


Anonymous said...

An attempt to start a thoughtful discussion on George Galloway's "appeal for a broad-based progressive slate for the London Assembly list" in the May Greater London elections is at http://forums.redpepper.org.uk/index.php/topic,290.0.html.

Contributions welcome!

Anonymous said...

Galloway is right to defend Livingstone but wrong to suggest that no one should stand against him. Livingstone does not deserve a first vote from the progressive Left (who should vote Green or Respect) but everyone should give Ken their second vote, to see off Boris Johnson.

It is very late in the day for Galloway to start appealing for a broad-based progressive slate and characteristic of him to insist that he appears on it. Sorry, George, but the Green Party and Original Socialist Respect have more appeal than the Galloway Fan Club with New Added Pragmatism.

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