9 Jan 2008

Guantánamo Bay protest on Friday with Green MEP

On the sixth anniversary of the opening of Guantánamo Bay
Join Jean Lambert in Parliament Square 6-8 PM.

the London Guantánamo Campaign, in conjunction with Cageprisoners, invites you to
join us on* Friday 11 January 2008 at 6-8pm in Parliament Square
(nearest tube: Westminster)* to call for an end to the injustice and
illegality that is the American military detention camp in Guantánamo
Bay. *Speakers include Moazzam Begg, Gareth Peirce, Yvonne Ridley,
Victoria Brittain, Jean Lambert MEP and others. *

We invite you to join us to call on the British government to take
action to close Guantánamo Bay down once and for all and to help
repatriate detainees who do not have anywhere to go on release. The
British government must also seek the release and return to the UK of
Binyam Mohammed and Ahmed Belbacha. *Please join us in the evening and
call on the British government to take action. This is an _authorised

* *

This demonstration comes at the end of a day of action organised by the
London Guantánamo Campaign and Cage prisoners, including a letter being
handed in to Downing Street by former Guantánamo detainees calling for
the detention facility to be closed and a "statues" action all over
London, visiting key sites in the capital.

**No more torture! No more detention without charge or trial! No more anniversaries!**

For more details, contact the London Guantánamo Campaign:
london_gitmo@yahoo.co.uk or
Cageprisoners: contact@cageprisoners.com

the pic is of Green Party Euro candidate and hyper activist Shahrar Ali protest against Guantánamo

Have a look at his website here

Plinth at Hyde Park Corner, No Trident march, 24 Feb 2007. Shahrar peforms mock interrogation between detainee and Agent Bauer: “Geneva convention? Does not apply. Rules of the Wild West, mister! Ha!” Photo: John Robinson.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo!! UN compagneiros!!! Its about time people began to get active against these crazy, unlawful,completely unacceptable practices being metted out y the US ut which have far reaching effects on people in other parts of the world.
The US government is ecoming synonymous with every wrong thing... guns, affairs in the offices, you name it the populace has been 'shown the way forward' by their leaders'. This may even help us to understand why Individuals just turn up in public and shoot every one in sight, for a reason as flimsy as getting out of the wrong side of their beds. Can you blame them? Surely not as they've taken the law into their own hands the same way their governmnet has taken the law into their own hands in the form of Guatanamo bay!

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