9 Jan 2008

More on eco Islam

Islam, like Christianity and Judaism, proclaims the importance of humanity's stewardship over nature. The threat of climate change is of particular concern to Muslim activists today, for both practical and theological reasons. I am not a believer in any shape of deity, but I have to recognise the strength of the Koran where it states that "But waste not by excess, for Allah loveth not the wasters." (Quran: 7:31).

The Sufi writer Hossein Nasr, in a series of important books, has been advocating Islamic environmentalism since the 1970s. The Quran states without ambiguity that humanity is to act as "caliph" to the rest of nature, ie not dominating, but rather working to preserve and maintain global ecology - humanity should make gardens instead of working to satisfy greed.

If you a recent convert to another green world, click here for more on eco Islam from me.

I had this from the London Islamic Network for the Environment which includes a critical look at carbon trading:

Salam, Peace to you,

We have recently launched an audiovisual page on our website, which we invite you to explore http://lineonweb.org.uk/Resources/audiovisuals.htm. Currently we have uploaded these two talks:

1) 'Offsetting' Carbon Emissions: Does it Help, or Does it Hurt? This informative and timely talk was given by Larry Lohmann, from the thinktank, the Corner House, at a LINE monthly forum last summer.

2) A talk by Usama Hasan which concisely covers basic concepts on Islam & the Environment i.e.tawhid, mizan, fasad, fitra & khilafah. This formed part of our training day last June, which we organised in partnership with Friends of the Earth and Tawhid Mosque.

LINE would also like to congratulate Usama Hasan for recently gaining the post of Director of the City Circle. We have enjoyed and benefited from working with Usama on a number of projects and would like to wish him the best.

Muzammal Hussain


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