25 Jan 2008

Peter Tatchell 56th birthday

I have known Peter since the late 1980s, at the time, when even though he was a Labour Party member he came and supported the Association of Socialist Greens. He is one of the most impressive figures in the Green Party and we are so lucky to have him. He works 100% supporting human rights and green politics, I really feel we ought to be giving him more support as candidate in Oxford East.

OUTRAGE and all his direct action for gay rights has been one of the good things about political campaigning in Britain.

And who would believe he is just 56 he looks much younger.

Yes he works far too hard and I can thing the occassional issue you might place a rizla paper between his position and me but Peter is a star...keep on keeping.



Anonymous said...

I was deeply disappointed to see Peter participating in Channel Four's shallow, feeble, right-wing attack on Ken Livingstone. This forms part of a calculated attempt to unseat him and replace him with a far-right Tory.

Surely any Green will want to give their first London mayoral vote to Siān Berry and their second vote to Ken Livingstone. There are lots of reasons not to like Ken but if it's a choice between him and an anti-congestion charge, anti-Kyoto candidate like Boris Johnson, Ken is the much better of the two. He also seems to have quite a good relationship with the Green Party. If Ken loses by a tiny fraction to Boris, it will be sad to think that a prominent Green like Peter helped to play a part in that disastrous outcome.

a very public sociologist said...

On Livingstone, it is quite possible Tatchell did not know his comments were going to be used to support right wing attack on Ken. Despite recent differences between the two men, and in the absence of Tatchell saying otherwise, I'm sure he would advocate a critical second preference for Ken (and quite rightly too IMO).

Re: Tatchell's birthday - proof, as if it were needed, that activism keeps you fit, vigourous, and youthful. I know you wouldn't know looking at me, Derek, but I'm really 73.

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